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EISP update 12/16/14

Enhanced EISP Update

The volunteer period for the Enhanced EISP offer closed at 11:59pm  yesterday, Dec 2, 2014

The UNOFFICIAL numbers for volunteers in all organizations covered by the EISP is 166.

This does not mean that all are accepted or that the company’s surplus numbers have been met.

Talks will continue between the Union and the company as paperwork for volunteers continues to be processed.

As more info is available we will update the web and the Union HQ tape.



EISP volunteer forms must be returned no later than Tuesday Dec 2, 2014  11:59pm

It is advised to get a fax confirmation page showing that you submitted forms timely

Anyone experiencing issues (can’t get pension calculations, didn’t get package) needs to contact their Business Agent IMMEDIATELY


If you haven’t confirmed your benefits for 2015, call the Verizon Benefits Center to do so.

Elections can’t be made online after the enrollment period closes, you need to speak to a VBC rep.

If you have any problems, please contact Paula Small paula.m.small@verizon.com or 888-855-0326.

NEW!! Informative Online Workshop on Planning Your Retirement

A new FutureLink reference Planning Your Retirement has been added to the FutureLink website.  To access this information, visit www.accls.com and choose FutureLink. Log into the site and download the workshop via the Request a Workshop (Planning Your Retirement) tab on the home page. Please allow a few minutes for the presentation to download once you click on the link. Visit the site today to obtain tips that you can use for planning your next career move, information on volunteering, as well as some general tips on financial planning in retirement.

Two Upcoming Webinars from College Coach & myEdGPS

ACCLS is partnered with College Coach to help you and your family navigate the college financing process.  Join us for this upcoming live webinar!

Refusing to Work Because Conditions are Dangerous

Helpful information concerning OSHA standards for refusing to work due to dangerous conditions.

Facility Tech/OPT Canvass

Facility Technicians and OPTs in the Paul Sullivan organization will be receiving a canvass for interest in future possible Network Tech openings in the Susan Carducci organization. This is an interest only canvass. The Company will distribute the form and your Steward will collect it. All forms are due back by November 14, 2014.

ACCLS and the EISP

Important message from Nancy Davis, our ACCLS Training Liason.

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