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Enhanced EISP Update

The Officers and Business Agents are continuing to negotiate with the company in regard to the latest EISP offer. Details will not be available while we continue these negotiations. Details will be posted to the web and the HQ information tape if an agreement is reached. Thank you for your continued support. Work Safe, Be Union, Be Strong!


Important information for our Retirees

Peter J Casey Scholarship

Please see attached for information on Peter J Casey Scholarship

Enhanced EISP Negotiations

Negotiations between the company and the Union continued through the night. The company has the Union's latest proposal and we are waiting for a response. We are working hard to reach an agreement. 

Response to "Verizon Proposes Special Enhanced Incentive Offer" email

As many of you already know, the Union has been presented with a Special Enhanced Incentive Offer by Verizon.  The Officers of Local 827 have been, and continue to be, in negotiations with the company concerning this offer.  Today the company took it upon themselves to send an email to our members highlighting the “good” points of their proposal.  However, as is usually the case, the company failed to include in that email the “bad” and the “ugly” points as well.  The Officers of Local 827 are working hard to address these issues, and to bring the membership a proposal that fairly represents all of our members.  As we continue to negotiate this offer with the company please remember that it is our intention to work towards an agreement that rewards and protects all of you.  Please check back at www.ibew827.com and/or sign up for the IBEW 827 App for updates regarding this matter.


Important information about 2015 active enrollment.

October 2014 EISP

The company presented the Union with a proposal for an Enhanced EISP. Discussions are taking place.

Avaya Contract Extension Lump Sum Payment

Per the Avaya contract extension agreement, the $750 lump sum payment for active represented employees will be reflected in paychecks payable on October 3, 2014.  Remember the lump sum payment is subject to all applicable taxes.  See attached file for more information. 

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