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3rd Quarter Sunday Schedule

3rd Quarter Sunday Schedule 

Rate Counsel Challenges Agreement Between BPU and Verizon New Jersey

By Tom Johnson
Tue, 10 Jun 2014 19:45:10 GM

Telecom giant says it can deliver high-speed Internet access over wireless and DSL, but rate counsel insists original deal called for fiber everywhere


Reminder: June 30 deadline approaching for ACCLS Health/Wellness Reimbursement

It's not too late to send in for your Health/Wellness reimbursement through the ACCLS. 

You can get up to $100.00! 

Avaya Background Check Incentive Plan

Avaya members that volunteered and were selected to participate in the background check incentive plan should receive their money in the late May or June time frame. Any member who does not receive their check should contact their steward.  


The Board of Public Utilities (BPU) Commissioners approved the proposed Stipulation of Agreement between the BPU and Verizon (Vz) related to the Alternative Plan for Regulation and Verizon’s compliance with Opportunity NJ.
Although 63% of the approximately 2800 comments filed with the BPU were in opposition to the Stipulation Agreement, the BPU Commissioners unanimously chose to approve the agreement which allows broadband to be delivered through the use of any technology medium, including the substitution of wireless 4G service, at speeds no less than the minimum speed of Vz’s DSL that is provided today.
IBEW Local 827’s opinion is that this determination was made based on an incomplete record, without full public hearings, and is not in the best interest of businesses and communities. We will pursue all available legal avenues to bring a true “opportunity” to all NJ residents. We will continue to advocate in every legal avenue for customers, municipalities and our members across the State.

Peter J Casey Scholarship Recipients

2014 Verizon Proxy Recommendations

Click attachment to view the Verizon Proxy Recommendations

2014 Avaya Contract Extension

An extension to the Avaya contract has been ratified by the membership. The new agreement will be in effect until June 13, 2016.  To view the CONTRACT EXTENSION AGREEMENT, select the Contracts tab along the top of the IBEW 827 website

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