Rx problems and HRA questions

The retail Rx problem being experienced is due to the Pharmacy not having updated their system with the individual’s Express Scripts (Medco) member ID number. In August 2011, Pharmacists were no longer to use social security numbers to process retail claims. Verizon told us a letter was sent to all Verizon participants about this change. In order to manage the impact on Verizon participants, Express Scripts (Medco) took steps behind the scenes to still accept social security numbers for a limited period of time and provide the Pharmacist with a system message to update the participants data. However, the limited period of time to fix is now rolling off since most of the participant’s records at retail pharmacies have been updated. In the event someone’s retail pharmacy claim is rejected, the participant should present their Express Script (Medco) Member ID card to the pharmacist who should use the member number to reprocess the claim. If a participants does not have an Express Script (Medco) ID card they can log-on to www.Express-Scripts.com/verizon and print a temporary card from the website as well as request new cards to be mailed. You can also call Express Scripts (Medco) and make the same request (1-877-877-1878)


Some questions have come up with the contractual HRA accounts that start on January 1, 2013. If you currently have a healthcare reimbursement account, the dollar amount you have put aside will be added to the $850.00. If you have your own payroll deducted reimbursement account, the company will apply reimbursements from  your contributions first. This is being done because the contractual $850.00 account is good for three years and individual accounts follow the IRS rules which is an annual use it or lose it. You can use this account for Office Visit co-pays, Emergency Room co-pays, Urgent Care co-pays, Dental, and  Vision. You cannot use the HRA for monthly premiums.

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