Information Update 5.30.16

Tuesday, May 31st, the MOU will be reviewed with the Executive Board at 8am and your Chief Stewards at 10 am.  A meeting with the Statewide Steward body will take place at noon in East Windsor.

A comprehensive Tentative Agreement and Side by Side comparison, along with the MOU will be posted on our website after full coverage with all of your representatives.

Ratification meetings are being arranged. As soon as details are available that information will be posted as well. Your Executive Board will be discussing situations where a member’s work schedule prohibits them from attending meetings to vote. We will establish guidelines and post that information tomorrow.

Your bargaining team would like to once again thank each of you for your hard work, perseverance and faith in in our ability to bring a good contract back to you. When you return to work on Wednesday June 1 each of us can walk in with our heads held high. This strike is one that will be known as one of the largest and most important  in history. We stood up to corporate greed and defended middle class, good paying job….OUR JOBS!

We are proud to call each of you Brother and Sister. We were all part of something really big and it all came down to YOU.  We look forward to a record breaking attendance at each ratification meeting. We look forward to seeing all of you at your monthly general membership meetings. Let’s make this count!

Be Safe- Be Union- Be Strong……..We were one day stronger!