FCSA Jobs and Verizon NOT Taking On The Job Training

Therefore, Please distribute the following information:

See attached Fiber Customer Support Analyst job brief (revised by Verizon to list new VZLearn course codes. The old courses began with ELK. The correct VZLearn courses begin with SKL.

It is possible that FIOS technicians may have been required to take some of the required VZLearn courses when they were initially trained for FIOS. Employees can check VZLearn to see if they have already completed some of these VZLearn courses in the last 10 years. They can access VZLearn from work or home. I’m attaching instructions for accessing it from home.
Once on the VZLearn site, the employee can click on history to ask for a list of all the VZLearn courses and Netlearn courses that the employee has taken since 3/28/03-today (only can go back 10 years).The member should then compare the list of courses required to get the skills to apply for the job, and take any courses that he or she has not already completed. 
1. If an employee feels competent in the subject matter of the VZLearn course, he or she can forward through the course, and go directly to the course test. You can retake the course if you fail the course test. Print certificates out after completing these courses.
2. Once all the required VZLearn courses are completed, the employee can add the skills to his or her resume and apply for the job by April 6, 2013. Here is the link to apply for the job: https://psvz-prdsso.vzerp.verizon.com/psc/vthrprb/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HR...
3. Once the application process is completed, the employee will have to take the Computer & Internet Knowledge Test to qualify for the fiber customer support analyst job. There is a study guide for this test available through Future Link.
4. If the employee passes the Computer and Internet Knowledge test, he or she will be scheduled for a structured interview.

The roadblocks that Verizon has put out with this process has been frustrating for everyone. FutureLink advisors are available to help employees with VZLearn, VZCareers, and to prepare for the required test.

Nancy Davis
ACCLS Training Liaison

Here is Labor Relations Letter saying that Facility Techs need to take all NetLearns.

The issue we have been discussing related to certain surplus FTs not being about access VzCareer has been resolved.  The Company has put a temporary override in place to ensure they all have access.

There seem to be some conflicting information being given out by various sources about the required skills for the FCSA.  For a Facilities Technician to be able to apply for the FCSA position, they need to have the required skills on the Job Brief.  The only way a FT can demonstrate he/she meets the required skills is by taking the VzLearn courses listed in the FCSA Job Brief.  An updated FCSA Job Brief was published on 3/20/13.  It updated the course numbers not the courses.  If anyone has completed a previous applicable course, they would receive credit.  The courses must be completed outside of working hours.

Any questions please call me.

Craig Brewster
Labor Relations - NJ
(856) 566-1452

Links below are for the FCSA Job Brief and How to access NetLearn from home