Dental Update for Actives and Retirees

Verizon has notified the Union that administrative issues precluded some Verizon retirees from receiving a letter regarding Benefits Renewal and the new Dental PPO for Retirees. This same administrative issue prevented the retirees from seeing the Dental PPO plan on Benefits Connection. The issue has been corrected and impacted retirees will be sent the Dental PPO plan letter next week and will be able to see the Dental PPO plan on BenefitsConnection beginning on November 22nd.

An example of this benefit change was not included in the letter, but one is provided below.  This is purely by example for an in-network provider.  Some charges may vary by geographic area :

Code D2140 Amalgam (1 surface filling) - at an In Network Provider  

OLD PLAN- Potential billed amount   $200                    Old plan paid $25.50        Member responsibility $174.

NEW PLAN- Network Negotiated rate $72                     New Plan       $25.50        Member responsibility  $ 46.80   (member savings $128.00)

NOTE:  The new Aetna Dental PPO plan has a $50 individual and $100 family deductible