Century Link Update

Local 827 represents members working under two contracts for CenturyLink.  One out of Belle Meade within our Raritan Unit, the other out of Lafayette within our Northern Unit.  The succession of former employers preceding CenturyLink were United Telephone, Sprint, then Embarq.  The majority of work performed by these members is field work within titles similar to those in our Verizon contract.  Both bargaining units are members of a nationwide council, the Telephone Coordinating Council- 3, made up of other CenturyLink bargaining units within the IBEW.  Periodic conference calls of the TCC-3 are held to cover news and issues within these bargaining units, and meetings are held during Spring and Fall IBEW conferences.  Our most recent TCC-3 conference call centered on bargaining issues that some of bargaining units are currently addressing.  Sharing this information helps us to prepare for our own bargaining, both contracts set to expire in early 2016.