Bargaining Update 5.7.16

Disturbing amounts of safety violations have been observed during the Strike. We are in contact with OSHA and will be filing complaints on egregious situations. There is imminent danger in may situations and someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed out there. We are filing formal complaints withOSHA, as well as notifying the company. Company notification will head off any attempt to claim ignorance of the situation.This company is fully aware of the work that is being done out there. The lack of quality or respect for safety would never be tolerated if we were on the job. The company states “BETTER MATTERS”…..they sure aren’t demonstrating that to the customers with the work that is being done out there…when any work gets done at all. We have found the scabs in Kohl’s for hours, getting their laundry done, or just driving around.

In light of recent news in Barnegat this week of the escaped convict, we urge our members to be safe. We ask our customers to be careful. Have you seen some of what is out there working for the company now? I wouldn’t let them in my house and you shouldn’t either. 

TO OUR CUSTOMERS----You deserve better:

If you are encountering unacceptable service you have a right to file a complaint with the NJ Board of Public Utilities @ 1-800-624-0241

Many thanks to the Monmouth and Mercer Central Labor Councils who have pledged to come out and support our pickets. They also raised more than $1100 for our Unity Fund to provide relief to our members. There is strength in unity and we are very grateful to all our union Brothers and Sisters. Remember to thank them when you see them on our lines.

We have received news of a tragedy in PA. Our condolences go out to the family of the manager who took his own life.  No job should do this to you.

We are one day stronger than we have to be.

Stay Safe- Be Union- Be Strong