Bargaining Update 5.5.16

Although we bargain jointly, there are proposalsthat are specific to one union or the other. Today CWA presented the company with multiple proposals on how to address this issue in each of their Locals. The company came back to the table and rejected each of those proposals. The committee also received information regarding the company’s proposals on call sharing and benefits. We continue to work toward a fair and equitable contract.

Today was the Shareholders meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hundreds of union members picketed this meeting. Proposals were voted on to limit severance payments and executive compensation. Although these proposals were not adopted they had tremendous support by many shareholders. Remember …$15/hr living wage was not won on the first shot. There is a movement going on, workers are standing up to the assault on workers by corporation in order to line their own pockets. 

Today was a “National Day of Action”. Across the nation, thousands of supporters picketed Verizon Wireless stores to say “we stand with the IBEW and CWA in their fight for good middle class jobs”. This was such an amazing show of supportnationwide. Here in NJ we had not only CWA  picketers and IBEW handbillers on the line but Verizon Wireless customers themselves stand with usWe had overwhelming support in locations such as Totowa, Succasunna and RoxburyWe also had reports of members taking time out from picketing to change tires for customers and push stalled cars off railroad tracks. Your participation and dedication to this cause is immeasurable to our success. Our members-Our Customers…You Rock!

Continue to get your information on the picket lines from your picket captains, Chief Stewards and Business Agents. There is a lot of misinformation out there. Be smart- be informed, get your information from the only reliable source, your Union.

They Say Give back----We Say Fight Back!!  We are one day stronger than we have to be.

Stay Safe- Be Union- Be Strong