Bargaining Update 5.2.16

We are coordinating our efforts with the North bargaining table. Daily calls are held with our Business Agents to discuss bargaining issues and to get updates on what is happening across the State. Each unit has been given a conference call bridge to have calls throughout the week with the stewards to pass along information. On Saturday a conference call took place with the Raritan unit, President Bob Speer and Vice President Karen Lane. Updates were given to the representatives and there was a question and answer period. Sunday, conference calls took place with Central and Essex Units. Early this afternoon a call took place with the Southern Unit and tonight will be another with the Northern Unit.

The Bargaining Committee has been reviewing company proposals and are awaiting information requested at the table and in writing last week. A Day of Action has been called, information will be forthcoming.

We are coordinating efforts with our brothers and sisters with CWA and our International for member assistance. Information will be posted on the web as soon as plans are finalized. We are also compiling a list of discount prescription plans to assist members who have medication needs.

We have stronger public support that has been seen in years. This is not just a fight for a fair contract. This is a fight for the middle class, in opposition of greedy corporations that find tax loopholes to avoid taxes while sending jobs out of this country. Members are tired of being asked to do more while this corporation gives less in return. In 2011 it was a less favorable economic climate so when they asked for help they got it. Now they are doing better than ever and they still want more. When loyalty is lost it is hard to get back. We have stood by this company. Our customers don’t want these scabs in their homes…they want us. When will Verizon get the message?

If you are on social media, post a picture of your family and simply state “Verizon makes Billions in profit each year and pays no taxes…and they cut off my family's benefits”

They Say Give back----We Say Fight Back!!   We are one day stronger than we have to be.

Stay Safe- Be Union- Be Strong