Bargaining Update 5.11.16

Although there were no meetings today, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Our members continue to do an outstanding job on the picket line. We can’t stress enough how important this is and the impact that YOU are having. We have new signs to share. “We Support CWA/IBEW Strike Against Verizon (No SCABS)”. These signs should be placed in the windows of businesses, cars or homes.

Our political representatives have heard us and are doing their part. The Unemployment Striking Workers Bill S2160 is currently in committee. We have posted contact information for all Senators on the Labor committee and ask everyone to reach out to these representatives. Tell them we need this bill brought out for a vote and thank them in anticipation of their support. Pass this information along to your friends and families. Members who have made the calls have stated it take only 5 minutes….. so pitch in and make those calls.

Tomorrow we will be going before the courts regarding the Injunction and Verizon’s violations of the new Injunction. We want to thank our members, Chief Stewards and Business Agents for their diligent work in gathering the information to substantiate our charges.

Attend your general membership meetings or Retiree meetings. Dates, times and locations are posted on the union’s website. We have tremendous support for the media, public, other unions, and the community. Remember rumors are rampant as well as propaganda. If you don’t hear it from your elected rep…Don’t repeat it. Get your information from the Union. Be Safe-Be Strong- Be Union