Bargaining Report 04.29.2016 PM

Several questions were asked at the table concerning the company’s comprehensive proposal. We also presented the company with multiple written information requests on the medical proposal, State and Municipal Leave laws , and Inbound Demand Center Call Sharing (company proposal for the CWA). Many questions remain unanswered that were asked at the table over the course of our three bargaining sessions today. The company rejected the Unions recent comprehensive proposal. The IBEW reached tentative agreement on our ACCLS committee. Both parties remain available to bargain.

Again we will advise you to write “RETURN TO SENDER-BARGAIN AT THE TABLE!” on the packages the company sent to your homesDrop the package off at the nearest FedEx drop box. The money that this company is wasting on this should be spent on keeping your jobs here , your pension, benefits and other contract provisions. Tell Verizon to stop wasting money on junk mail and SCABS that do lousy work, when and if they ever do any work. Our customers deserve better. Send a clear message to the company that these mailings are a waste and this money deserves to be on the bargaining table.

They Say Give back----We Say Fight Back!!   We are one day stronger than we have to be.

Stay Safe- Be Union- Be Strong