Attention Vz Retirees in the Verizon Medicare Advantage Plan

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) will be issuing reimbursements directly to retirees who have had at least one prescription drug administered by a health care provider which is classified as a Medicare Part B service, such as an injectable. Members may have improperly paid out of pocket for these services.

Things you need to know:


  • 2017-2018:                     claims will be paid at 100%, no deductible, no coinsurance
  • 2019-going forward:     claims will be paid at 100% only if billed with an office co-pay, If claim is not billed with office visit, coinsurance will apply

Reimbursement for out of pocket costs will be made to the member as follows:

  • 2017 claims- checks will be issued in 2018
  • 2018 claims- checks will be issued in 2019

Attention Verizon Medicare Eligible members and dependants!!


ATTENTION- Verizon Medicare Eligible members and dependents

There are some valuable programs available to you as a Verizon Medicare Advantage participant.

Participation in these programs can lead to better health and Member participation also helps out at the bargaining table.

You may receive Free gift cards to Target, Home Depot, Amazon and other retailers for participation in House Calls and for getting your yearly exam. Here is some highlights:

  • House Calls is a great supplement to your relationship with your doctor. Information gathered by the Nurse Practitioner, Physician’s Assistant or Physician will be sent to your doctor.
  • Silver Sneakers is a FREE Gym membership to one of hundreds of gyms and locations (i.e.: NY Sports Club, SNAP Fitness, LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, Gold’s gym and many more).
  • HiHealth Innovations is a great resource to make your hearing aid benefit dollars go farther.
  • NurseLine provides registered nurses to help answer questions 24/7, providing you with peace of mind and valuable information when you need it.
  • Solutions for Caregivers is a valuable resource for you or anyone you know who may be caring for a family member or neighbor

Call United Healthcare Member Services 877-211-6548 for more info on any of these programs

Discount for Verizon Retirees

Retiree Meeting Schedule

please see attached for upcoming Spring and Fall Retiree meetings

Retiree Dental update

Effective 1/1/18, retirees will be covered under the Aetna PPO Dental Plan - Retirees will be able to see the plan information on the BenefitsConnection website beginning on 11/22/17.

Important Update for Medicare Eligible Members!

                                      90-Day Supply of Diabetic Supplies (lancets/test strips) at Retail for Medicare Eligible Members

As of May 2017, Medicare eligible participates can fill a 90-day supply of diabetic supplies at retail. These supplies are covered under Medicare Part B using your United Health Care (UHC) Verizon Advantage Plan ID card.  If there are any issues with filling the prescriptions, please request the pharmacy contact UHC (number located on the back of your ID card).

Important Contact Numbers for Actives/Retirees**Updated December 2016**

see attached sheet 



We understand that certain retirees are tripping the income related threshold for Medicare Part D (Rx) premium.  By way of background, Verizon Medicare retirees are enrolled in Medicare Part D through the company sponsored EGWP. Most retirees do not have to pay a Medicare premium associated with this coverage, like they do for Medicare Part B. However, retirees with reported income over a specified IRS threshold are assessed a premium based on their income level. This is known as IRMAA (Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts)

CMS (Centers for Medicaid/Medicare Services)-required Evidence of Coverage (EOC) document for the MCN Advantage Plan

 This is CMS (Centers for Medicaid/Medicare Services)-required Evidence of Coverage (EOC) document for the MCN Advantage Plan.  The contents of this document are dictated by CMS requirements.  The EOC will mail with the retiree welcome packets starting the week of December 19th to ensure members have them in hand for the 1/1/17 effective date of the plan.

Verizon Medicare Eligible Retirees Meeting Update

The attached is a comprehensive list of all meetings.  Those meetings highlighted in yellow are additional meetings that were added to accommodate the delay in invitation mailing.  This list also includes a few additional meetings that were requested by the Union.

Retiree meeting invitations are being mailed in waves, with the second wave mailing last week covering meetings scheduled starting October 24.  The last wave of invitations, which are mailing now, are for the additional meetings recently added.

IBEW 827 Retiree meetings are taking place in October also. Please check the calendar for dates and locations. These meetings sponsored by the Union are in addition to , not a replacement, for the Verizon/United Healthcare meetings. 

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