2017 Organizing Committee Report

As a result of much hard work and dedication by our Organizing Committee, Local 827 has received its first organizing “win” for 2017. Congratulations to the hard working men and women of Oakland Cablevision/Altice for voting Union “Yes”! We welcome these dedicated employees into our union with open arms and support. On Tuesday, February 28th you were sole “at will employees”. Today you are part of a brotherhood of over 700,000. We look forward to helping our Oakland brothers and sisters in their goal to achieving a contract to secure their working conditions.

Our Organizing Committee will continue to educate those about the benefits of being union until all of the un-organized are organized. Conference calls will continue and all possible leads will be explored for the remainder of 2017.

Our committee is very dedicated but we can’t do it alone. We need all of our members to be “on the lookout” for potential work groups for our committee to organize. If any member, active or retired, would like to help out please contact a committee member, listed on our web page, a steward, myself or Union Headquarters.

In unity,

Joe Lambert

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