Health Care Oversight Committee (HCOC)

Health Care Assessment Update

This information is for active employees only: IBEW and CWA met with Verizon under the H-COC language of the contract. Under an agreement with the Unions the Health Assessment will not have to be completed if you already took it in 2012 or 2013. If you did not take it and want to get the $100 credit, go on line and complete it. IF IT IS COMPLETED by Sept 30, the discount will show up on line during benefits renewal this year. If you complete it AFTER Sept 30, the credit will be in the record but not show up on line. EVERYONE should check the plan, the credit and the smoker/non-smoker designation when your confirmation of coverage is mailed to you for the 2014 year .

Retail Prescription Problems

If you are having issues with the cost of filling prescriptions at pharmacy's being much different with the new plan, than what it was using the old plan we want to know.  We are having a meeting with Verizon on January 31st to discuss Health Care Benefit issues and we need examples to bring with us. 

Rx problems and HRA questions

There have been some issues with prescriptions being filled at pharmacy's throughout the area.  Here is the response from the company.  Also a response from Bill Huber to questions about the HRA accounts.

Health plan summaries, Benefit Renewal mailing , Medicare RX

Here are the Health Plan Summaries and other benefit information that I want to get out fast.  I will be getting the information in some sort of organization as to who will need what, but for the time being these are summaries of some of the changes.  Please follow the story as we organize these in list for specific members,, retiree, retiree with medicare.  We will also be placing these on the site in permanent areas so as they will always be available.



Dependent Verification Notice

!!!!!!!!!!!!UPDATE 9/18/12!!!!!!!!!!


Dependent Verification process is over, but the appeals process is still available.

If you did not verify your dependents there is still time to put them back on with no break in coverage. I presently have a list of 188 Active members with 265 unverified dependents and 117 Retirees with 148 unverified dependents.
If you have not received confirmation of your dependents you must take action now! Call the Verizon Benefits Center (VBC) 877-489-2367 immediately to confirm your dependents are covered. If not, ask for your appeal form. Appeal forms are specially bar coded and must accompany all of the required documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, tax forms, adoption papers etc) you submit for verification.
If you submit your required documents and this specially coded appeals form before Oct 31, 2012 your dependents will be placed back on coverage with no breaks in coverage. Any unpaid claims will be reprocessed. THIS IS YOUR LAST OPPORTUNITY TO GET YOUR DEPENDENTS ON WITH NO BREAK IN COVERAGE. Appeals after 10/31/2012 will be on a going forward basis only with a lapse of coverage.
Please email or call me if you encounter problems with the VBC, you must call the VBC immediately to start the process.
Verizon Benefits Center 877-489-2367
Karen Lane
Health Care Benefits Coordinator

2012 Dependent Certification Audit


Dependent Verification Update

By now, most of you have received your Dependent Verification packages at your homes. If you have not, you should be receiving your package in the next day or two. Whether or not you have received your package in the mail, you may go onto YBR via About You or go to to get copies of the information that was sent to you and to submit documentation to verify your covered dependents. We are experiencing higher than expected phone volume at the Dependent Verification Call Center. If you need to speak to one of the representatives, we appreciate your patience and recommend that you call in a few days when there will be shorter hold times. Remember that you can check the status of documents you have submitted by accessing YBR via About You or, and clicking on “Document Submission.” You can also view FAQs and other important information on the site.Of almost 400,000 dependents enrolled in Verizon plans, 350 dependents have been dropped and 25,178 dependents have been verified across the Enterprise in the first week of the dependent verification.Remember, you have until June 15, 2012 to submit your verification documents.

Thank you very much for your cooperation with this important initiative. We know that this process is extra work for you and we appreciate your efforts.  

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