June 30th Deadline approaching for $100 ACCLS Gym/Weight Loss Reimbursement

The Advisory Council on Career and Life Strategies (ACCLS) recognizes that your health is important. Regular

exercise and weight management have been shown to improve health, reduce stress, and fight obesity;

however, memberships can be expensive. The ACCLS wants to help you by reimbursing eligible employees for

gym memberships or weight management programs up to $100.00 from January 1 to June 30, 2015. Visit for details!

ACCLS Conference

In April, the Advisory Council on Career and Life Strategies (ACCLS), a joint IBEW/Verizon committee, sponsored a three day training seminar in Atlantic City, NJ for approximately 65 ACCLS Advocates. 

NEW!! Informative Online Workshop on Planning Your Retirement

A new FutureLink reference Planning Your Retirement has been added to the FutureLink website.  To access this information, visit and choose FutureLink. Log into the site and download the workshop via the Request a Workshop (Planning Your Retirement) tab on the home page. Please allow a few minutes for the presentation to download once you click on the link. Visit the site today to obtain tips that you can use for planning your next career move, information on volunteering, as well as some general tips on financial planning in retirement.

Two Upcoming Webinars from College Coach & myEdGPS

ACCLS is partnered with College Coach to help you and your family navigate the college financing process.  Join us for this upcoming live webinar!

ACCLS and the EISP

Important message from Nancy Davis, our ACCLS Training Liason.

Attention: New myEDGPS webinar for parents of special needs children!

                                Reminder for Parents of Children with Specials Needs
                      New Resources are Available!
                        What Parents Need to Know
                        Live online webinar
                                    Tuesday, September 16, 2014
                             8:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. (+time for Q&A)
In this webinar, parents are introduced to special education and the primary federal law that guarantees specially-designed instruction for qualified students.  We review key steps such as student evaluations, determining eligibility for services and developing an education program to meet the child’s unique needs.  You will also learn about:
• Embracing a strength based approach when it comes to your child
• Developing a strong vision about what is possible for your child
• Avoiding common pitfalls when moving through the complex and often stressful world of special education
Finally parents will be introduced to myEdGPS a self-directed online solution available as part of College Coach’s Special and Exceptional Needs Program and its many helpful features as you navigate your child’s education.
How to Register
1. Go to collegecoach myedgps.  First time website registrants click on “Signing up Is Easy. Start today” and enter your one time Company Passcode: acclscoach.
2. Fill out the registration information.
3. For webinar registration click on “Live Events.”
4. To start using myEDGPS click on their logo on the right side of the page.
Registration is required so log on today to reserve your spot.
Questions?  Call College Coach at 866-467-2903

ACCLS/Bright Horizons: New Program & Happenings

The Advisor Council on Career and Life Strategies partners with Bright Horizons to offer back-up care when your regular child or adult/ elder care arrangements are unavailable.  A small cost of this back-up care is passed onto you for a rate of $2 per hour for center based child care and $4 per hour in home child care or adult/elder care.

Reminder: June 30 deadline approaching for ACCLS Health/Wellness Reimbursement

It's not too late to send in for your Health/Wellness reimbursement through the ACCLS. 

You can get up to $100.00! 

ACCLS update

The ACCLS is a committee for you the members.  I hope everyone has visited the site and taken advantage of the wonderful programs the committee offers.  
If you have not, please log on to to see what we have to offer.  We offer Backup Child Care and Elder Care.  FutureLink to help you with your education needs along with Live Homework help for you and your children.  This is just to name a few of the fantastic programs we have that will hopefully reduce the stress that is in your life. There are so many  resources that the ACCLS has to offer so please visit the website.
We added two new programs this year College Coach and Fitness Center and Weight Management Reimbursement  Program.
College Coach will guide you through finding the right savings plan for college, the best way to pay for college and the college admission process.
The Fitness Center and Weight Management Reimbursement Program will reimburse eligible employees for gym memberships or participation in weight management programs.
You can also talk to your IBEW Advocate.  All Advocates have gone through training and can answer your questions.  Our Advocates are the best!  If you are not sure who your Advocate is just visit where there is a list of Advocates.
Please visit us at where you will find all the information you need to make your life less stressful.
Ann Walsh, Chairperson
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