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Attention all Avaya Members and Retirees!

Please be advised that Local 827’s law firm O’Brien, Belland and Bushinski has filed bankruptcy claims on behalf of all active and retired members of the bargaining unit with Avaya as well as separate proof of each claim for each individual member and retiree.  

Important Update for Medicare Eligible Members!

                                      90-Day Supply of Diabetic Supplies (lancets/test strips) at Retail for Medicare Eligible Members

As of May 2017, Medicare eligible participates can fill a 90-day supply of diabetic supplies at retail. These supplies are covered under Medicare Part B using your United Health Care (UHC) Verizon Advantage Plan ID card.  If there are any issues with filling the prescriptions, please request the pharmacy contact UHC (number located on the back of your ID card).

Update on Retiree Dental Coverage


Active member coverage under the PPO Dental plan became effective 8/1/16 as a result of bargaining the 2016 contract.  

Effective 1/1/2018 Retirees will be covered under the same Passive PPO plan as Active members.

Here are some highlights (please refer to the 2016 MOU for complete contract language.

Please support Teamsters Local 701

Local 827 is committed to supporting our brothers and sisters from Teamsters Local 701 who have been locked out from their jobs by Shore Point Distribution.  

Please honor their picket lines if you come across them and give them any support you can. They supported us during our strike last year. 


The Scholarship Selection Committee certifies that the following scholarship recipients and alternates were selected based on standards listed in the scholarship program regulations.


House Vote on Revised Health Care Plan Imminent

Call 866-829-3298 Now to Protect Our Health

Trump/Ryan Care is back from the dead and getting pushed through the House at lightning speed. A vote is expected this morning, and we must band together to defeat the amended plan, which is worse than the original.

The best way to make your voice heard is to call 866-829-3298 right now and urge your representative to vote NO on the AHCA. If you would like more information on the destructive aspects of this plan, CLICK HERE. The New Jersey Delegation played a crucial role in stopping the original health care debacle, so outreach to your representatives will be key.

Here are a few highlights about the plan:

  • Allow states to waive protections for those with pre-existing conditions
  • Allow insurers to increase the cost of coverage for older Americans over the age of 50
  • The phase-out of the Medicaid expansion, which would eliminate coverage for 562,000 residents and sharply reduce federal funds for the state’s budget
  • About a half million New Jerseyans to lose their health insurance

This is not progress and it must be defeated. Please contact your member of Congress immediately and tell them to vote NO on the amended AHCA.

IBEW – AT&T Reach Early Tentative Agreement

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 2:00pm (CST) - The IBEW System Council T-3 (SCT-3) and AT&T reached a tentative agreement on a new five-year contract covering approximately 5,000 employees working for the company nationwide primarily in Illinois and Northwest Indiana. The parties entered into early negotiations to replace their current collective bargaining agreement that expires on June 24, 2017.

Hudson County CLC Scholarships

Donna Benjamin Scholarship for Health Care Professionals

Edward B. Pulver Scholarship Fund Scholarship

IBEW TCC-2 Council Recommendations for 2017 Verizon Proxy Voting

Item 1: Election of Directors:

Against All

Item 2: Ratification of Appointment of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm:


Item 3: Advisory Vote to Approve Executive Compensation


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