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Cumberland and Salem Counties Gives it to Verizon at BPU Meeting

Local residents put their complaints regarding Verizon’s services on the record Wednesday night at a public hearing held at Stow Creek Township Elementary School.  Local 827 was also there in force to support our neighbors and our livelihood.  We have also put a copy of our statement to the BPU here.

Special Report: AT&T and Verizon's Deteriorating Legacy Landline Networks

Special Report: AT&T and Verizon’s Deteriorating Legacy Landline Networks

While Verizon enjoyed the proceeds of the tax-free transactions, most of the impacted customers did not.  

Sample Letter

This is a sample of the letter sent to all elected officials in New Jersey, to include all Federal, State, Municipal representatives.  We are trying to represent ourselves to them as telecommunications advocates for the consumer throughout the state.  This is to help us in our fight for a fair contract and to gain the support of the communities we live and work in. 

Bruce Kushnick is an advocate for telecom consumers, as should we be, must read

We have posted articles written by Bruce with "Please, Sir, May I have another", being one of them and is part one of a series.  He writes a Blog for the Huffington Post and has posted the second of the series, "How Wireless Hype is Hurting America".  He also wrote the "Great Verizon Fios Ripoff".  Go to the story for all the links.

Activists Rally Against VeriGreedy Verizon





Verizon has seen its profits and CEO pay soar while it cut jobs and gutted health care and other benefits for workers. These VeriGreedy practices need to stop.

Call 800-229-9460 now to tell Verizon to treat its workers and customers with respect.


Verizon Wireless Airwaves Purchase Review Extended by FCC

Regulators added 21 days to an informal time limit for considering Verizon Wireless’s proposed $3.6 billion airwaves purchase from cable providers led by Comcast Corp. (CMCSA) (CMCSA) and Time Warner Cable Inc.

The Federal Communications Commission extended its nonbinding 180-day clock for finishing its review, according to a letter posted today on the agency’s website. The companies were slow to provide documents, the FCC said.

Verizon fined $140K in Brooklyn electrocution death

Verizon has been fined more than $140,000 for safety violations in connection with the electrocution death of a technician in Brooklyn. Douglas LaLima was working in a lift bucket while installing cables when he came into contact with a power line in September of last year.

Verizon Failing Customers Again

Apparently things aren't so rosy with Verizon's new endeavor. Verizon customers are reporting a slew of problems, exacerbated by Verizon's customer service technicians' inability to correct the issues.

iPhone propels Verizon subscriber growth as profit rises

Verizon added 501,000 net contract subscribers, likely driven by the continued popularity of the iPhone 4S. It sold 3.2 million iPhones, and 2.1 million 4G LTE smartphones

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