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Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fundraiser hosted by Hudson Unit 1

***UPDATE--a comedian was added to the benefit*** Tickets are going fast!

Join the fun on Friday October 27, 2017 and help raise money for hurricane Maria relief for Puerto Rico. See the attached flyer for all the details!

Tickets are $40, very limited and must be paid in advance so call to get yours today...

Tom Kelly          Pat Glover       Andy Newman

201-458-2515   201-783-2307   201-230-2298



Please vote YES on ballot question #1 on Election Day. The question seeks to dedicate $125 million in aggregate to construct, upgrade and modernize public libraries.

Local governments that apply for the grants would be required to provide matching funds.  

Passage of this question is a "win-win" for our communities and for job creation. To read the question click here:

Morris County CLC First Meeting (from NJ AFL CIO)


Morris CLC Development Committee

Unite, organize, and win! This is the formula that labor has followed since its founding. With the first meeting of the Morris CLC held last night, we are proud to recognize the commitment of local unions to our roots of growing the labor movement through our solidarity.

The meeting itself was a shining example of the type of discussion that needs to take place to bring the various sectors of our labor movement closer together. By having the forum of the Morris CLC, members can communicate their respective issues to one another and in turn support each other.

We thank our many affiliates who have stepped up to build the Morris CLC from the ground up and ensure that solidarity is reflected in every corner of our state. We further congratulate all those who participated in last night’s meeting to lay the crucial framework that will ensure the success of this labor council.

These are undoubtedly challenging times for working people, but with the past as our guide, we will fight back and we will emerge stronger than ever before. As always our solidarity is what makes the difference, and we are proud of the progress we will achieve through the Morris CLC and with your continued support.


Attached is a listing of surplus declarations in PA 827. The Company intends to offer the Special EISP. Volunteers will be accepted as necessary to meet business needs.

Packages will be distributed to employees beginning today September 18, 2017. The volunteer period will begin on September 25, 2017 and end on October 24, 2017. Volunteers whose applications for the Special EISP are accepted will have an off payroll date of November 5, 2017.


Verizon has notified Local 827 that various organizations have a need to reduce force and intend to offer Special EISP. Volunteers will be accepted as necessary to meet business needs. Attached is a comprehensive listing of the surplus declarations.

The Special EISP offers will be distributed to the affected employees beginning on September 18th, 2017.  The volunteer period will begin on September 25th, 2017.  Volunteers whose applications for Special EISP are accepted will have a last day worked of November 4th, 2017.

Altice Bargaining Update

The bargaining committee will reconvene on Sept 28 to continue bargaining the first contract for our newest members.

Century Link Update

Century Link members- A letter recently was sent to all Locals nationally that represent Century Link members to reestablish Labor/Management committees to address both national and local issues.

Local 827 and Verizon Information Update

The Local is working with Verizon on the recommitment to the Double Wood Project. This project was a huge success in the past and we look forward to reenergizing it. No one does this work better, safer and efficiently as our members.

Hurricane Disaster Relief Efforts

As the news comes out of Texas regarding the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the impending damage that Hurricane Irma is sure to cause in Florida, we hope all our members will rise to the occasion to help in any way possible. Many local efforts are taking place within our communities. The IBEW is also accepting donations to the Unity Fund. Please see the attached flyer for complete details. You may direct your contribution to the Hurricane relief efforts.

2017 Labor Day Events

Labor Day is a week from today, which means Election Day is right around the corner – 71 days to be exact. While we are already working hard towards a victory on November 7th, we hope that everyone is able to enjoy a bit of rest and family time this weekend. Whatever your plans may be, we want to thank you for all the work you do to build stronger unions and communities. These may be challenging times, but our shared middle class values will continue to drive us forward.

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