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Bargaining update 3.3.16

Bargaining update--March 3

Bargaining Update 2.20.16

Bargaining Update 2.19.16

Bargaining Update 2.10.16

Bargaining Update 2.5.16

February 5, 2016 Bargaining Report On Jan15 the Mid Atlantic bargaining team presented the company with a comprehensive proposal which meet the company’s expressed concerns regarding health care. 

Bargaining Update 2.5.16

February 5, 2016

Bargaining Report

On Jan15 the Mid Atlantic bargaining presented the company with a comprehensive proposal which meet the company’s expressed concerns regarding health care. This proposal was in response to talks between senior Union and company representatives which focused on what the company described as critical sticking points in bargaining. We also addressed several important needs for the Unions, including benefits, call sharing, pensions, wages and the Medical Restriction Leave of Absence.

Bargaining Update 1.21.16

The Unions presented the company with a comprehensive proposal which addressed each major issue the company identified as central to reaching an agreement. The company has rejected that proposal and countered with a retrogressive, concessionary proposal. 

The company has unrealistic expectations for this contract. We all need to stand up and tell the company that we are the reason for their successes. Fair compensation and a reasonable contract are the only outcome that will continue that path. 

High-level discussions will continue as we strive to reach a contract that is fair and equitable. The company can't ask for help with the business then divorce themselves from us a contract time.


Bargaining Update 1-15-16

The Bargaining team worked diligently over the last several weeks on a comprehensive proposal which would address company concerns yet meet the needs of our members. This afternoon your  bargaining team presented the company with a package including health care benefit modifications, wage increases and pension improvements. We will continue to bargain for a fair and equitable contract.

The company will review the Union’s proposal. No dates for further discussion have been set at this time. We thank you for your continued support and patience throughout these negotiations.

We remind the company that our members are the reason for the successes which Verizon reaps the rewards.

Your Bargaining Committee reminds you……..Work Safe-Be Strong- Stay United 


Bargaining Update 12-3-15

Bargaining Update- December 3, 2015

The Bargaining Committee presented information requests to the company last week in order to cost out the company’s proposals for healthcare.

Bargaining Update 11.19.15

The Bargaining Committee met with the company to discuss medical plans and prescription plan design. 

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