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Talking points to use during strike

please see file

COBRA Information Letter

Please read the attached letter as it provides valuable information regarding COBRA coverage.

SCAB Information Wanted!

We will be collecting information on the unsafe work that the scabs are doing to report to the company and/or OSHA. You may take photos involving safety.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions:

Frequently Asked Questions


Membership letter to creditors

Here is a letter our members can copy and fill out with their personal info to send to creditors to explain our situation.

Healthcare options in the event of a strike

Healthcare options in the event of a strike

·       Verizon benefits continue to the end of the month in which a stoppage occurs (Actives). Retiree benefits are unaffected.

·       Members may have the ability to enroll in their spouse’s coverage under a “life event”. Loss of coverage under an employer is consider a qualifying event.

·       Affordable Care Act will allow members to sign up for insurance through a special enrollment. Loss of coverage under an employer is considered a qualifying event. The following link will get you to the Marketplace options. Follow the steps outlined below.

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