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Verizon Letter to Employees Regarding Benefit Reinstatement

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Welcome Back Members at Verizon


Medical and Prescription Coverage

Medical benefits are effective today, June 1, 2016 although they may not show as activated for up to 10 day. If you are in need of medical services, you may have to pay for those services and then submit for reimbursement. 

Prescription benefits are also effective today June 1, 2016 and will update more quickly, normally within 3 days. You may pay be required to pay out of pocket and then return to the pharmacy to be reimbursed directly within 14 days.

If you have an urgent need for medical coverage please notify Paula Small, Benefits coordinator  or your Chief Steward.


U.S. Department of Labor | May 27, 2016


U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez announces agreement in

principle on a new contract for Verizon workers

WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez issued the following statement today regarding the ongoing labor dispute at Verizon:

“Today, I am pleased to announce that the parties have reached an agreement in principle on a four-year contract, resolving the open issues in the ongoing labor dispute between Verizon’s workers, unions, and management. The parties are now working to reduce the agreement to writing, after which the proposal will be submitted to CWA and IBEW union members for ratification.

Throughout the past 13 days of negotiations at the Department of Labor, I have observed firsthand the parties’ good faith commitment to narrowing differences and forging an agreement that helps workers and the company. The parties have a shared interest in the success of Verizon and its dedicated workforce. Indeed, these two interests are inextricably intertwined.

This tentative resolution is a testament to the power of collective bargaining. I commend the leadership of Verizon, CWA, and IBEW for their commitment to resolving these difficult issues in the spirit of constructive engagement.

I expect that workers will be back on the job next week.”

Verizon payroll information for those needing salary verification

For those that need salary verification as a requirement to access social services, please contact Verizon Global Payroll @ (800) 932-7947.  Be prepared to enter your Verizon employee ID.  If you do not know your employee ID, follow the prompts to speak with an agent.

News Release

DOL Secretary Thomas Perez press release: 

A few days ago, Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez reached out to the parties in the ongoing labor dispute involving Verizon workers and invited them to meet with him in Washington in an effort to help the parties resolve a dispute that is affecting thousands of workers, their families, and the company.

Today, Secretary Perez met at the Labor Department with Lowell McAdam, Chairman and CEO of Verizon; Chris Shelton, President of the Communications Workers of America; and Lonnie Stephenson, President of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  The parties had an open, frank, and constructive dialogue about finding a comprehensive way forward to resolve disputed issues and get people back to work.  The parties agreed to return to the bargaining table on Tuesday to continue their discussion.

"The best way to resolve this labor dispute is at the bargaining table, and I am heartened by the parties' mutual commitment to get back to immediate discussions and work toward a new contract," said Secretary Perez. "I was singularly impressed by the parties' appreciation that time is of the essence, and their strong commitment to use the collective bargaining process to reach a mutually beneficial resolution."



The Senate Labor Committee is hearing Senator Vitale's unemployment insurance bill

Monday May 16 at 10:00AM in Committee Room 6 of the State House Annex.

Meet Us There--We encouraged all our members to attend.

Let our representatives know this is important to us!



If you are a striking IBEW Local 827 member who has been denied for Unemployment Insurance

please send only the following information to:  FOR MEMBERS WHO WORK IN NEW JERSEY FOR MEMBERS WHO WORK IN PENNSYLVANIA (F. LOCAL 1944)

·      First and Last name

·      Claimant ID #

·      Date of Unemployment Claim

·      Email contact

·      Telephone Contact #

You will be aided in your appeal by our attorneys.


Currently there is a Bill being considered in the Senate S2160

This Bill is sponsored by Senator Vitale and Senator Sweeney. It is tentatively scheduled to come out on the floor next Monday May 16.

Call you Senator and ask them to support this Bill.

Locate your representative by looking it up at

Support letter from International IBEW

**UPDATED**IBEW Unity Fund



Donations are being received into the IBEW Unity Fund to assist members during a time of critical need.  The Unity Fund is not for everyday expenses of members but limited to emergency basic needs.  Members can apply for assistance to a committee that has been established in each of the Verizon areas.  The committee will review the application and determine if there is a need for emergency relief.  The committee will evaluate the need and make a recommendation to the International Office for final approval.  The amount and extent of any emergency relief assistance is limited to the available funds donated to the Fund.

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