Attention all Avaya Members and Retirees!

Please be advised that Local 827’s law firm O’Brien, Belland and Bushinski has filed bankruptcy claims on behalf of all active and retired members of the bargaining unit with Avaya as well as separate proof of each claim for each individual member and retiree.  

Avaya Contract Extension Lump Sum Payment

Per the Avaya contract extension agreement, the $750 lump sum payment for active represented employees will be reflected in paychecks payable on October 3, 2014.  Remember the lump sum payment is subject to all applicable taxes.  See attached file for more information. 

Avaya Background Check Incentive Plan

Avaya members that volunteered and were selected to participate in the background check incentive plan should receive their money in the late May or June time frame. Any member who does not receive their check should contact their steward.  

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