Benefit Updates

A message from our Health Care Benefits Coordinator Paula Small:

This is the list of the “exempt infant formula” as defined in the FDA regs that MAY be covered under our Rx plan if medically necessary and approved (from the OTC addendum agreement to the MOU).
Paula M. Small 
Health Care Benefits Coordinator 
Local 1944 IBEW

Out-of-Network Anthem Claims

The Union has received calls from our members in regard to checks that are mailed directly to them from Anthem, our medical carrier. Verizon has informed us of the following:
Anthem’s standard process is to pay out-of-network provider claims directly to the participant.  This is one of the administrative differences that was discussed during bargaining.  In the event the participant would like Anthem to pay the provider directly, the member will need to make this request of an Anthem representative PRIOR to the submission of a claim. The members record would then be flagged.
Karen Lane

Aetna Cards

We have been getting some members inquiring as to why they have recently received Aetna insurance cards in the mail. Please read the back of the card, it may be for your dental coverage, which is still Aetna.

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