Benefit Updates

ATTENTION- Pennsylvania members in the Pittsburgh area

As you know UPMC will be out of network due to the expiration of the Consent Decree announced by former Governor Corbett in 2014.

Please review the information below. Affected members should have received this information at their homes.

Retiree Dental update

Effective 1/1/18, retirees will be covered under the Aetna PPO Dental Plan - Retirees will be able to see the plan information on the BenefitsConnection website beginning on 11/22/17.

Dental Update for Actives and Retirees

Verizon has notified the Union that administrative issues precluded some Verizon retirees from receiving a letter regarding Benefits Renewal and the new Dental PPO for Retirees. This same administrative issue prevented the retirees from seeing the Dental PPO plan on Benefits Connection. The issue has been corrected and impacted retirees will be sent the Dental PPO plan letter next week and will be able to see the Dental PPO plan on BenefitsConnection beginning on November 22nd.

An example of this benefit change was not included in the letter, but one is provided below.  This is purely by example for an in-network provider.  Some charges may vary by geographic area :

Code D2140 Amalgam (1 surface filling) - at an In Network Provider  

OLD PLAN- Potential billed amount   $200                    Old plan paid $25.50        Member responsibility $174.

NEW PLAN- Network Negotiated rate $72                     New Plan       $25.50        Member responsibility  $ 46.80   (member savings $128.00)

NOTE:  The new Aetna Dental PPO plan has a $50 individual and $100 family deductible

Annual enrollment/tobacco credit

Annual Enrollment for Active and Retired members will take place Nov 7- Nov 18, 2016. You should have received your enrollment packets at home. If you have any problems please call the Verizon Benefits Center at 877-489-2367.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Coverage

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Retro to 1/1/16 Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy  for the treatment of ASD will no longer be an excluded benefit under our MCN plan (HMOs will follow State rules). Coverage includes medically necessary ABA therapy for ASD diagnosed by a licensed medical professional after copay (no age or # of visit limits). Claims that were denied in 2016 will automatically be reprocessed and members impacted by this will receive an updated Explanation of Benefits (EOB). A letter will be sent to anyone who called in to inquire about this benefit as well.

Verizon Letter to Employees Regarding Benefit Reinstatement

see attached

1st Qtr. 2016 PBGC, GATT & PPA Factor Tables

see attached for tables



2015 Active Premiums Copays

Per the 2011-2012 CBA, medical premium increases for 2015 are as follows:


Important information about 2015 active enrollment.

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