***8/9/17 Update** Members enrolled in a Medicare Rx plan who have multiple health conditions and take multiple medications may be contacted by the company Medication Management Center (1-844-866-3730) located in Phoenix, Arizona who are the administrators for ESI’s (Express Scripts) MTM (medication therapy management) program.

It has been confirmed with Verizon that Medication Management Center is an authorized administer for the Express Scripts MTM program.

Centers for Medicare Service (CMS) requires Part D (Rx) plans to offer members an MTM program in accordance with CMS requirements.  Initially a welcome letter is sent to the qualified members informing them of the program.  If the members do not reply to the letter, an outbound call will be made by Medication Management Center.

Members are under NO obligation to participate in the program, but if they would like to, they can contact Medication Management Center at 1-844-866-3730, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

**3/10/17 UPDATE** UHC Health Assessment mailing/phone calls-Participation is Voluntary The questionnaire posted at the bottom of this page (labeled HA questions) may be mailed to Medicare eligible participants by United Healthcare. Outreach by telephone may also occur. Your participation is voluntary. If you choose to participate, this information can be used to better assist you regarding any health conditions you have or may be at risk of having. 


We understand that certain retirees are tripping the income related threshold for Medicare Part D (Rx) premium.  By way of background, Verizon Medicare retirees are enrolled in Medicare Part D through the company sponsored EGWP. Most retirees do not have to pay a Medicare premium associated with this coverage, like they do for Medicare Part B. However, retirees with reported income over a specified IRS threshold are assessed a premium based on their income level. This is known as IRMAA (Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts)

For retirees who are assessed this premium, Verizon reimburses the premium after the retiree contacts the Benefits Center and self-identifies. The retiree must then send or fax the letter from Social Security showing their IRMAA amount to the Verizon Benefits Center. The benefit will be reimbursed once IRMAA letter is received and IRMAA reimbursement eligibility is verified.

The paragraph below is from the EGWP pre-notification letter which is included with the age-in materials.

Will my income affect my Medicare Part D premium? 

Some people may have to pay an extra amount because of their yearly income. If you are subject to this extra amount—Social Security, not your Medicare plan—will send a letter telling you what the extra amount will be and how to pay it. Note: If you have to pay an extra amount because of your yearly income, Verizon will reimburse you for that amount. Please contact the Verizon Benefits Center at 1.855.4VzBens (1.855.489.2367) for more information.


United Healthcare has been selected as the carrier for the Medicare Advantage PPO plan. This plan will replace your Medicare and Verizon/Anthem Supplemental Insurance. You will have just one card to use to get your  Medicare benefits.

Communications from Verizon are on their way to your homes the week of Sept 5, 2016. You MAY receive one of the three letters attached. If you receive one of these communications you must respond by November 18, 2016. IBEW 827 will post communications that will be mailed to you, as they become available, on our webpage under the following path: “Benefits>Verizon Benefits>Medicare”.

Education seminars , as well as web based training ,will be scheduled and communicated to you in the near future. We look forward to seeing you at these meetings where the plan will be explained and your questions answered.



Title Description
Medicare Advantage Letter 1

Letter 1 - Will be sent to retirees who are not enrolled in Medicare Part B but who are still in their Part B Initial Enrollment Period (IEP).

Medicare Advantage Letter 2

Letter 2 - Will be sent to retirees who are not enrolled in Medicare Part B but who are still in their Part B IEP, but do not have a physical address on file with Xerox.

Medicare Advantage Letter 3

Letter 3- The third letter will be sent to any retiree without a physical address on file with Xerox.

Verizon Advantage Plan Retiree Meetings

Verizon Advantage Retiree Meetings (updated 10/6/16)

UHC Medicare Advantage PreEnrollment MCN Guide
United Healthcare Member Provider Education mailer

 United Healthcare Member Provider Education mailer that will be mailed to Verizon Retirees who are Medicare eligible. This mailer explains what to do if the retiree or healthcare provider have questions about acceptance of the Medicare Advantage plan.

CMS (Centers for Medicaid/Medicare Services)-required Evidence of Coverage (EOC) document for the MCN Advantage Plan

The contents of this document are dictated by CMS requirements.  The EOC will mail with the retiree welcome packets starting the week of December 19th to ensure members have them in hand for the 1/1/17 effective date of the plan.

Retiree Diabetic Supply Change

Express Scripts will be sending the attached letter to all East Associate members enrolled in a Medicare supplemental plan with a prescription drug claim for a diabetic supply in 2016. The letter provides members with instructions on how to obtain diabetic supplies at no cost through retail and what to expect with the transition to the Verizon Advantage Plan.

Arriva Medical has historically been the Express Scripts Medicare Part B supplier for Medicare supplemental plans. Effective November 4, 2016 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) suspended Arriva’s ability to submit Medicare Part B claims for payment.  As a result, anyone enrolled in a Medicare supplemental plan with Verizon can no longer accept submit new prescriptions for Medicare Part B diabetic supplies to Arriva.

Provider Directory Template
Provider Access Brochure
Member and Provider Guide to Care
UHC Health Assessment Questions