2018 ACCLS Symposium

Chief Stewards participating in discussions
President RW Speer and Training Liason Nancy Davis
Ed Assist Reps Sara Wingfield and Barbara Van Dyk
ACCLS Committee member Yandira Melon from EAP
Chief Stewards Leah Connelly and Glenn Yeary
Symposium attendees
Chief Steward Patrick Glover
Chief Steward Andy Newman
Recording Secretary Suzanne Wallin and President Bob Speer
Chief Stewards Luke Frank and Doug Walters, BA Tom Kelly
ACCLS Co-Chair Hudson BA Tom Kelly
Ed Assist Sara Wingfield
watching the ACCLS video done by Kareem Thompson
ACCLS Committee
Nancy Davis
Training Liason Nancy Davis, Ed Assist Barb Van Dyk and ACCLS CoChair BA Tom Kelly
RS Wallin, Chief Steward Darryl Henry and VZ Labor Yvonne White
Ed Assist Barbara VanDyk